February 7, 2005

My wishlist

  • figure skating videos:
    1. Isabelle Delobel - Olivier Schoenfelder before 2005-2006;
    2. Marie-France Dubreuil - Patrice Lauzon before 2005-2006;
    3. Alexander Uspenski's sp and ex from Russian Nationals 2006;
    4. Andrei Griazev's sp from Cup of China 2005 (not from CCTV5);
    5. Maria Petrova - Alexei Tikhonov before 2005-2006.
  • books:
    1. Japanese tutorial (in Russian);
    2. 'My Sergei' by E. Gordeeva (in Russian or English);
    3. something concerning Wu-shu;
    4. something about Tibet's history and culture;
    5. interesting books about origami and beading of any language, if there are enough pictures to understand how to do it without reading notes.
  • beads of any type and colour.

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