November 24, 2005

Tatiana Anatolievna Tarasova in 'Sport Solo'

Two weeks ago Tatiana Tarasova was a guest of TV show 'Sport Solo'. It is just one-hour program, where a host has a conversation with a guest, and viewers can take part of it by phone and Internet. Of course, it is in Russian :)
They spoke almost about everything: about recent Tatiana's appointment (she is the head coach of Russian team now), her skaters, Russian figure skating, etc.
I like TAT! Last Worlds lucky me had a chance to talk with her for several minutes. We had a gift to Alexei Yagudin (I am an administrator of Russian AYMB 'Ice Gladiator' and our community had done a gift to Alexei's birthday), so we ask her to pass it to Alexei. She is so kind, light and interesting! We asked her for photo and autographs, but she said: "Ok, Ok, but firstly I want to kiss you, my dear girls!" She kissed all of us, and even girls, who were not with us - just fans who wanted her autographs :) I still feel her energy, when recollecting this moment. She is adorable! She carefully looked through our gift and wispered: "My dears, your imagination is fantastic! We never know what gifts expect from you, fans!" She was very touched. I'll remember this short conversation for my whole life.

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  1. I like TAT so much, she is great, you are so happy that you had a talk with her!
    Rosinka, I like your pages, always interesting reading and great videos!!!!