December 26, 2005

The Gold Piedestal - Tamara Moskvina

Tamara Moskvina is a great figure skating coach, but also she was a good pair skater. With her partner - who also is the great figure skating coach now - Alexei Mishin she competed with other future great coach Tatiana Tarasova, whose partner was Georgy Proskurin. At Spartakiada - the last competition of Tatiana Tarasova as a skater - Tarasova-Proskurin were the first, and Moskvina-Mishin were second.

'The Gold Piedestal' is a series about great Russian sportsmen and coaches. In this film, they show not only Moskvina's pairs, but also footage of Moskvina/Mishin skating: when they were sportsmen as well as now, when they are famous coaches. BTW, Moskvina ia 60+ year old ;)

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