January 24, 2009

a small attack of Buttlomania&Takahashiphrenia

Hmmm... Tried to watch Euros men competition on youtube, did not watch a lot... I realised one more time that it is not interested to me... Finally switched to Jeffrey Buttle's "I love a piano" and "Swan Lake" & "Tango" of Daisuke Takahashi...
It seems that Worlds will be not interesting for me. At least the men competition. But, perhaps, after 4CC I will change my mind :) Takahiko Kozuka is rather funny :) And I used to be a sort of a fan of Weir and Lysacek... Also I like Shawn Sawyer. But all of them together can't take the place of Jeffrey and Daisuke... Ok, I wish them a good health and hapiness :) And for Daisuke - happy return to amateur sports :)

The next season is the Olympics season! I do not feel this in men competition at all... A year ago I thought that Vancouver Olys will be interesting for me like Salt Lake City ones, but... At least, I think that Daisuke will be there. And, perhaps - I believe - Andrei Griazev too. But...

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