February 8, 2010

LingQ is a work for me?!

The last two mornings I found not very pleasant messages at my LingQ wall.

The preamble.
This person added me at Skype. I asked who is it. Several days later, when I was preparing for the next my English/Japanese or Russian discussion, he wrote me again. I did not answer, as there was just before a discussion and I was preparing for it (drinking a glass of water or having some snacks -- I do not remember). Then again and again. I never have Skype turned on, if I don't have a discussion, so every time when he tried to contact me I was working.

Finally I got bothered and just blocked this user, because I did not want receive his messages any longer during my work or study.

And now I received a row of messages from him at my wall.
"Do I need pay to talk to you ? If, so, tell it on your profile !"
"Hey Sakura, thanks for help us how to improve our russian understanding.I am abou to check your audiobook "
"Ok, I just did not realised that this is your principally work :( But, there are some people who help me & without money.Maybe they are too fool as they have helped me.But, I already thanked you about the contribution you provided for us. Sorry about something."
"I speak with whomsoever without charging :) "

Well, let's start.
First, my profile says that I am a tutor. It is pretty enough. If you don't know who is a tutor, check LingQ FAQ.
Second, at least this person understand that I share lessons. Thanks.
Third, the main part that insulted me. Finally it appears, that LingQ is a work for me. Ha-ha! have this person (with zero activity at LingQ) even realised how much time it take to record and transcribe a lesson? How many points I receive for that? 500-600. And LingQ is a work for me? I buy at least 4000 points every month. It is a work for me?
Forth, what he can give me in return? Who is he? Why I should teach someone with Beginner I level? Has he shown me his interest in Russian? If I don't have discussions and I have done all my house work, I usually record some lessons for LingQ library. Why I should spend this time for teaching one, without any paying and respect, while my lessons could help tens (or perhaps hundreds) of people?
I don't understand this position at all. Does he think that I am a stay at home millionaire?..


  1. Cakypa, Since I joined Lingq, I know that you work very hard in helping others. I have enjoyed your uploads and I think you are a fountain of inspiration. Please don't let a negative comment based probably in a lack of good communication skills. One thing is for sure, Lingq is not for anyone that looks for a quick free fix. It is for those who are serious about learning. Keep up your good work.

  2. Keep it up, Rasana! I've enjoyed studying everything you've uploaded so far. And when the time is right, I'll book a Skype session. :)

  3. Hi Rasana, you're doing very well as far as I can see. There will be always some people who take and take and take and never give back something. I can understand you. Continue your good work! Don't mind if such fools contacts you.

  4. Check your Skype privacy settings. Don't allow anyone to contact you who isn't in your address book, and don't add people to your address book unless they are paying students or people you like. Block anyone else, you can always unblock them when they sign up for a discussion with you or when you decide you like them.

    There are a lot of people trying to get something for nothing, and many of them have Skype accounts. They are also very good at spotting the person who can be "guilted" into giving them free help.

    We are nice people at LingQ, but we aren't a charity.

  5. Ruben, Jeff, Vera, Helen,
    Thank you very much for your support :)

    I especially like your "We are nice people at LingQ, but we aren't charity". Exactly! :) Your advices if very practical. It seems that English tutors have such situations almost every day. (И это не удивительно, зная сколько людей приходить на Линк изучать именно английский язык)

  6. You've done great work at LingQ! I really enjoy your podcasts!
    I sent corrected the mistakes in your blog post and sent it to you. I know LingQ doesn't believe in correcting every last mistake, but I hope my corrections help you improve your English. Hope you had a great 8 Марта!

  7. whoops! "I corrected the mistakes in your blog post and sent it to you." =]