February 6, 2009

About my name

If you think that Rasana is a usual Russian name, try to google it.
There are only two Rasana besides me at Russian social network vkontakte.ru. My name is not rare name in Russia, it is extremely rare name. A lot of people try to call me Roksana (oh, yes, it is very hard for Russians to say simple words like Rasana, as we prefer more complicated words like vstrecha *lol*). Even those Russians who pronounce my name correct, spell it as Rosana. So I have been struggling for the correct pronounciation and spelling of my name for my whole life. *gg*
Why I have such a rare name? My mom invented it by herself. :) The names of my grannies are Rashida and Sakina (these names are not Russian also, they are Tartar and Bashkirian). And mama combined my name from the first syllables of the grannies' names. So, there is some implication in my name,especially in syllables "ra" and "sa". That's why my nickname is Sakura. I wanted my nickname to have the core syllables of my name, so I chose Sakura.

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