June 19, 2009

My montage "AYa & TAT"

I watched figure skating on youtube and stumbled at my own videomontage! Somebody uploaded it on youtube. I am so surprised. There are comments "I can't stop watching this video..." and "it lines up so perfectly with the music" :) I am very glad that my montage is still touching people. My "yagudinomania" was not vain :)

Edited to add:
Oh no, now it's me who can't stop watching this video!

And I checked profile of that person who uploaded this video. She is not a fan of Yagudin, she is a fan of figure skating. There is only one video of Yagudin on her channel, and it is my montage :)

BTW, yagudinomania was a very good experience for me. At least, it was the first time when I began to write English... Also I translated Russian articles and interviews into English... Not very good of course, but anyway :)

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