October 27, 2009

Why I am worse than other tutors?

I can't understand why people tend to choose other correctors, not me... I just don't understand. Perhaps, I correct too much? But it is better, I think. Russian is quite difficult with all this cases, and if I will correct only cases it will already be 1 error every 7-10 words. Yes, I can stop here, but all sentences will be very unnatural...
And I comment on every error. Really on every error. I think over some examples, sometimes google for them.
I just can't understand why Russian learners do not like my corrections...

I need points and I can't earn them by hosting conversations, and nobody submit writings to me... It is awful.
I really feel myself very-very bad.


  1. Hi Rasana,

    Don't feel bad about your corrections. I haven't submitted any writing in Russian for a year because I just didn't feel up to it, it was sort of a crisis in my learning of Russian. Actually it had something to do with my daughter's illness at the beginning of the year, when I didn't have enough time and started to learn Spanish because it's easier for me.

    Now finally I feel better again and have a rhythm in learning vocabulary, reading, listening. I have even written a text. I sent it to another tutor because I thought you had written in the forum you couldn't correct any writing submissions. Maybe it was just at the time of your moving to your new house.

    Have any of the learners ever complained about your corrections? I wouldn't mind being corrected. As in German, learners are bound to make many errors in Russian. By the way, very few people submit writing in German :( So I haven't had a chance to correct anything yet.

    Of course, there are more Russian tutors now, not all of them offer conversations and I don't know if many people submit writings.

    I am very grateful for all the podcasts you have contributed. They are a big challenge for me and I keep listening because I hope to start talking in Russian again, when I feel like it. For the time being I will just write and you can be sure to receive something to correct very soon.

    Как говорят Русские: надежда умирает последней :))

    Reinhard (alleray at LingQ)

  2. Rasana,
    You are being silly right now ... haha!
    I dont think the reason why people dont choose you is because you are bad tutor!(?)
    You have showed over long time that you care for us, you are very active at the forum and that we can count on you. And most of all you provide us with lots of interesting stuff at lingq and at your blog. I have become a fun of KVN but without your transcripts it would be impossible hehe
    Truth is i have never submit any writing ever but that's only because it's boring for me to write and not because i think you re bad :)
    There are some new tutors now and it's natuaral that people want to try them too and give them a start.
    Also you never know what happens to everyone's lifes... for example me, i m not settled somewhere yet, moving around all the time... so my studying is not as systematic as i used to be...
    Dont think that people dont appreciate what you re doing, it's just the circumstances.


  3. Sakura,

    I hope you know how much your contributions are appreciated. I have listened to all of your podcasts and find them the most useful and pleasant to listen to on Lingq. You are one of the biggest contributors to the forums and your input is very thoughtful and helpful.

    I have never submitted any written contributions, partly because I'm lazy about writing, partly because I don't feel confident enough to write but mostly because I like reading and listening more.

    Also, don't forget, since you moved, your Lingq profile says not to submit any writings to you.

    Всего лучшего,


  4. PS You have no idea how much I appreciate the transcriptions of the KVN sketches! They are really funny and clever and a priceless window into how Russian youth sees itself, it's place in the world and history. There is no way I would have understood them if not for the work you put into transcribing them!


  5. But nobody NEVER comment on these KVN video (I mean on this blog). It is rather hard to do something and don't have any response...

  6. Hahaha I'll leave some comments then. =) I had some questions, I'll post them. Some time soon.

  7. I don't have a tutor yet, but I'll keep you in mind if I get far enough along in Russian to need one. I like to be corrected. It is the kind and correct thing to do.

    A LingQ member (M.)

  8. Rasana, you're most definitely not a bad tutor! I think you're a great tutor and I really liked your corrections; they were really helpful!

  9. I have benefited from your explanations on Russian grammar at Lingq.