May 16, 2009

Svenska + 日本語 = Svens語

Last week-end I discovered that there are a forum on, where different RR's are organised. One of RR is "World Languages RR", where groups of 5 people send each other postcards written in some specific language. Japanese language group had been already completed, but Scandinavian language group had one slot. Two days I was making up my mind to join this RR :)) It was like Usagi's "Mamoru!!! =) English! :`( Mamoru!!! =) English :`(" *gg* On Monday I said myself that I am a brave girl and writing Swedish is not a big deal (at least it is not Hindi! *gg*), and joined this RR.
But it is a preamble. What I do want to say is...
I am trying to write Swedish. Yes, I have already selected postcards which I will send, and now I am trying to write a draft. And when I reread what I just have written, I always see "demo" (でも), "dakara" (だから), etc.

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