April 15, 2009

Again nonsense from foreign press...

"In Grosny kehrt die Nacht ein. Neben der Hauptstraße blinkt die blau-weiß-rote Trikolore der Russischen Föderation."
blue-white-red... Russian flag is white-blue-red. Why should I trust this newspaper, if they even don't know the colours of Russian flag? They do not know Russian flag, but know internal Russian event very well... I doubt.

P.S. Why we know that blue-white-red (vertical) is French flag and red-white-blue (horizontal) is Netherlands, and even black-red-yellow is German flag, but foreign newspapers presume do not know Russian flag, pretending to know everyting about Russia... Grrr!


  1. Hi!

    european flags are boring:)

    the most beatiful you find in Africa.


  2. Actually, the German flag a is bläck-red-gold! ;-)

  3. Ok, then Russian is white - sky blue - red :))

  4. I think it is quite possible to recognize the Russian flag and still call it blue white red, or red white and blue. I would call the French flag red white and blue. You call it blue white and red. I am more interested to hear what the article said about Grozny.

  5. I am giving them the benefit of the doubt, and thinking they did not intend to mean that the colours are in that particular order. The American flag is always said to be "red, white and blue" but if you start in the corner with the stars, you would see blue first.It's not in any particular order.
    Of course, the beautiful Russian flag hasn't got one crazy corner with a bunch of stars and then some eye-popping stripes in an L-shape surrounding that corner. It's more sedate and simply organised:)
    It would be easier to describe in a sequential way.
    But...you do have a point that some people may think they know a lot about Russia when actually they are just reading what the media has expressed, and they had not even bothered to learn the basics yet.That is a typically arrogant attitude of some who know little but think they know all.
    Hopefully the generations who now are growing up with the internet will get used to having instant information at their fingertips and will research thoroughly every wonderful place on this amazing planet, and not make so many mistakes.