April 19, 2009

I received a postcard from Japan!!!

A month ago I sent a postcard to Sapporo. I was very happy to receive a Japanese address, as about 30% of postcards that I receive and send are from/to Germany. And every time when I click on the "Send postcard" button, I cross my fingers and whisper "Please, not Germany, not Germany". And one time I received Japanese address. Of course, I wrote in English and Japanese :)
In postcrossing you are given an address of a random user (name him/her "the user A"), and you send postcard to the A. The A receives your postcard and registers it on the site. Now, the system knows that you really sent the postcard to A, so your address is given to another user B and you receive a postcard from B. So, A is not supposed to send any postcard back to you, just few lines as a PM on the site.
But this girl from Sapporo answered me. I just received a postcard from her. It is the Kit-Kat ad card "キット、サクラサクよ。" and it is written in Japanese. You know it is quite difficult to read Japanese hand writing :)) Here what I can understand:
「ラサナさん、お手紙ありがとう!切手もかわいくてうれしかったです。日本語は本で勉強しているのですか?それとも学校(I am not sure about the second kanji, it is looks a little different...)にかよっているのでしょうか?ラサナさんのしゅみのひとつがフィギアスケートときいてとてもロシアらしいなと思いました。日本ではフィギアスケートは人気がありますよ。それでわまた!」


  1. hello,
    This is Edward from LingQ. The idea of postcards exchange is interesting, so I googled it. I thnik I've found the website. Is it called Postcrossing? Anyway, I've signed up and ready to send my first postcard out!

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